automatic cup filling and sealing machine price

coffee capsule filling sealing machine
Main feature for cup filling and sealing machine price:
1.Automatically complete packaging process,small occupation space,and easy to operate.
2.PLC control system,full display and real-time monitoring.
3.Automatically load lid and capsule,heat seal,cups out put.
4.Vacuum feeding coffee powder or Screw feeding powder, it is optional.
5.Servo motor control auger filling powder,high filling accuracy ,±0.1g.
6.Liquid injection(flavor and other), optional function.
7.Press powder and clean cup margin dust and remainder powder.
8.Nitrogen protection system,filling nitrogen line from capsule loading to heat seal,besides hopper has nitrogen input.95%-98% nitrogen content in the cup.
9.No cups,no filling.
10.Automatically detect lids quantity,less than setting parameters,alarm and arise tips.
11.Machine adopt 304 stainless steel structure material,organic glass door cover,when open door,machine will stop,which make sure workers safety.
12.Automatically count products output quantity.
13.Failures arise,Tips in the touch screen arise.
14.UV lamp sterilization,to make sure food safety.(optional)
Technical parameter for cup filling and sealing machine price:
Max padding degree(bullet cup) 8-15g
Packaging speed 15-30capsule/min
Coffee filling accuracy ±1%
Laying-off station 1
Net weight of the machine 450Kg
Machine case size 1003mm(length)X1023mm(width)X1980mm(height)
Note:This machine can only packaging a certain specification capsule , if you change the capsule’s size, then need to change the mold plate.
Applications for cup filling and sealing machine price:
Suitable for various k cups, capsules and etc.


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