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How to remove gas in packaging bags?

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We all know that there will be a great guarantee for food packaging in the future with vacuum packaging. Various Packaging skills are constantly emerging in the modern market. The application of high technology provides a perfect talent foundation for the perfection of food packaging. Each of them has its advantage in many packaging skills, and one of the packaging skills used in food packaging machines today is modified atmosphere packaging.

Modified atmosphere packaging as a food packaging technology has a long history in the use of food packaging, as early as in the 1930s Europe and the United States has begun to study the use of CO2 gas to preserve meat products; in the 1950s research and development of N2 and CO2 gas replacement beef cans and cheese cans of air, useful extension of the shelf life; in the 1960s due to the various; With the development of air-tightness plastic packaging materials, many foods such as meat, fruit, vegetables, cakes, tea and dairy products have successfully selected the gas displacement packaging skills; in the 1970s, the air-tightness plastic packaging of fresh meat was widely used in Europe and America, and the air-conditioned packaging has flourished all over the world. It can be said that the modified atmosphere packaging skills in the use of food packaging machine is very sophisticated, in modern food packaging profession is very common.


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