filling packing machine

QP-CI Rotary Coffee Capsule filling sealing machine

Automatically complete packaging process,small occupation space,and easy to operate. Automatically load lid and capsule,heat seal,cups out put. Liquid injection(flavor and other), optional function.

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  • Product Description
Product Description


1. Automatically complete packaging process,small occupation space,and easy to operate.

2. PLC control system,full display and real-time monitoring.

3. Automatically load lid and capsule,heat seal,cups out put.

4. Vacuum feeding coffee powder or Screw feeding powder, it is optional.

5. Servo motor control auger filling powder,high filling accuracy ,±0.1g.

6. Liquid injection(flavor and other), optional function.

7. Press powder and clean cup margin dust and remainder powder.

8. Nitrogen protection system,filling nitrogen line from capsule loading to heat seal,besides hopper has nitrogen input.95%-98% nitrogen content in the cup.

9. No cups,no filling.

10. Automatically detect lids quantity,less than setting parameters,alarm and arise tips.

11. Machine adopt 304 stainless steel structure material,organic glass door cover,when open door,machine will stop,which

make sure workers safety.

12. Automatically count products output quantity.

13. Failures arise,Tips in the touch screen arise.

14. UV lamp sterilization,to make sure food safety.(optional)

Technical parameters

Equipment main technical parameters

Technical Parameters


Max padding degree(bullet cup)



Packaging speed


Coffee filling accuracy


Laying-off station


Net weight of the machine


Machine case size


Note:This machine can only packaging a certain specification capsule , if you change the capsule’s size, then need to change the mold plate.


Devices work requirement parameters

Technical item




Relative humidity


Power supply

/gross power

                     Single phase

220V/380v    50/60HZ/1.2KW

Airsupply pressure


Air consumption


Note: this requirement is the best working environment



Technical requirements

Item number

Technical requirements


The machine steel frame; organic glass; turntable mold structure; fixed castor and mobile pulley.


Adopt interactive air claw to feed cup,stable and accurate.


Servo screw filling, filling accuracy about 1.5%,you can adjust filling quantity by setting parameters in touch screen . No cup, no filling; the machine will stop and alarm automatically while screw getting stuck. Automatic detection of coffee hopper : vacuum feeder will open automatically if coffee is less. One click clear : clear the remaining coffee in the hopper. Coffee store cylinder with nitrogen filled joint to fill nitrogen.


Automatic vacuum suck lid, no capsule no lidsuction, if suck lid process is in trouble, machine will stop automatically.


Heat sealing mechanism, OMRON temperature controller to adjust temperature.


Automatic mechanical hands grasp the cups to the products box.


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